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Tax Tips For
Parents 2014—
8 Money-Saving Tax Tips For Parents

'Normal Barbie'
Campaign Could
Bring Gorgeous,
Realistic Dolls To
A Kid Near You

Here's What Happens
When Jon Hamm
and Jimmy Fallon
Photobomb Tourists

Boy Pays For Students' School
Lunches— 8-Year-Old
Pays Off 150 Overdue
Lunch Accounts

New SAT Test
Format—The Five
SAT Changes You
Need to Know Now

What Parenting Really Looks Like — No Words Required
Source: Baby Center

The Baby-Inspired Workout You
Must Try

Source: Baby Center

Idina Menzel, Jimmy
Fallon And The
Roots Sing 'Let It
Go' With Classroom Instruments (VIDEO)

Source: HuffPost Parents

See How a Family
of 11 Lives in 1,100
Square Feet

Source: Baby Center


Here's What Dr.
Seuss Can Teach
Every Adult
About Life

Source: HuffPost Parents


What’s the best
emergency cell
phone for kids?
Reader Q&A



My House Is Messy -- and I Don't Care
Source: Huffpost Parents


Disney Ticket Prices Jump Again, Now $99 To Enter The Magic Kingdom
Source: Huffpost Parents



‘Let's Create’

Spring Break+Kids?
Makes for a Kiwi Crate Rescue! Vanessa Brantley- Newton explores.

It's finally here.Yep, Spring Break.
And unless you have accounted
for every second of a long week
of endless activity - you will

undoubtedly hear those
dreaded words...




‘No Playstation on Vacation’

The Cost family takes an eye-openning getaway!

For the first half of Spring Break the boys and I chose to visit Marco Island Florida. As a bit of a back up, I usually allow them to bring their Playstation - with limited playtime for evennings when we’re winding down or....




‘These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Cloth Diapers’

Modern Cloth Diapering 101

During a particular tough day to-
wards the end of my pregnancy,
I sent my husband the follwing
text message: "I don't want to cloth
diaper at all." Then I realized, that
in my sweaty, swollen, cranky
whale state, I'd actually sent the
text to...




‘Have you heard of Telo Efflu?’

Here’s what Alanna Klapp wants you to know…

I find them everywhere.
In the creases of Baby Dude’s neck.
Stuck to the front of my shirt.
Tickling my arms and elbows.
On Baby Dude’s changing table.
On my pillow.
What you may ask? Strands of
my hair.
Lots. Of. Them.



‘The Breastfeeding Taboo’

How far have we
really come? Jenny
Fickey re-examines
the fine print.

As a nursing mom, the article 25
Historical Images That Normalize
Breastfeeding resonated with me.
The photos depict nursing mothers
before breastfeeding in public was
considered scandalous, offensive
or weird. None of the surrounding
folks scowled at the mothers and
babies. No one gawked, pointed or
ridiculed. The mothers’ faces aren’t
flushed with embarrassment or
hidden in shame. The moms weren’t
judged as obtrusive or insolent.
They were simply captured feeding
their hungry children.




‘The Curious Cook’

This Chef Can 86 Hunger!

Celebrity Chef Maxcel Hardy
talks nutrition, a new cookbook
and bringing the culinary arts to
inner city schools.

“When I was in high school I saw
a lot of students come to school malnourished. It’s right in our back-
yard. I find it amazing that we live in the
richest country and this is happening.
'One Chef Can 86 Hunger' aims to
raise funds to get into the inner cities
and let people know what we can do."




The Essential List:


25 of the Best and
most read kid
Books: For Every
Stage and
Every Age

Books are magical.
Between their pages
we find far away
destinations, great
inventions and true
stories of bravery and
strength. Of course
reading at every stage
could mean many
things depending
on your child’s...

Good Eats


9 truly delicious
recipes to wel-
come Spring!

Aromatic mint, juicy
peaches, fresh avocados
and flavorful berries are
just some of the flavors
of Spring. And what
better way to celebrate Spring's arrival than
with 9 delicious recipes
featuring some of the

Cool DIY's Your Kids will Love!


7 Amazing craft
ideas: Just in
time for Easter!

Easter is almost here!
And we have gathered
7 truly adorable crafts
to do with the little
ones. From the cutest
hand puppets...

Ready, Stock Organize!


From the nursery to the school age years Here are your 30 must-do's for organizing it All!

Beyond Fast Food:


We have found 13
nutritious and super-
delicious meals your
kids will love!

Getting kids to eat a healthy
meal is often a parents greatest challenge. But these out-of-
this-world kid-friendly recipes should add some inspiration...

You’ve got to see this!


NEW YORK — The 2014
American International Toy
Fair this week ushered in a
collection of the hottest toys
due out this year — from a
Siri-like teddy bear and an
augmented reality bedtime
story to a board game
that teaches coding to pre-
schoolers — but scattered
within the shiny and new is
the bizarre and wacky.
Source: Mashable
Give the gift of movies


Annie is an upcoming American musical
comedy-drama film directed by Will Gluck
and produced by Jay-Z and Will Smith. It
stars Quvenzhané Wallis in the title role
and Jamie Foxx in the role of Will Stacks,
an update of the character Daddy Warbucks.
It is a contemporary adaptation of the musical
of the same name, which in turn is based upon
the 1924 comic strip Little Orphan Annie by
Harold Gray. This is the third film adaptation
after the 1982 theatrical film and the 1999
made-for-television film. It began production
in August 2013 and will be released on
December 19, 2014.

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