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An awesome

Colorado Teacher
Shares Heartbreaking
Notes From Third

Kevin James Shares
Hilarious Bedtime
Strategy For Getting
His Kids To Sleep

DeAndre Jordan Gets
Sneak Peek at New

Have Mercy! Full
House Is Officially
Coming Back to TV

What Parenting Really Looks Like — No Words Required
Source: Baby Center

The Baby-Inspired Workout You
Must Try

Source: Baby Center

Idina Menzel, Jimmy
Fallon And The
Roots Sing 'Let It
Go' With Classroom Instruments (VIDEO)

Source: HuffPost Parents

See How a Family
of 11 Lives in 1,100
Square Feet

Source: Baby Center

Here's What Dr.
Seuss Can Teach
Every Adult
About Life

Source: HuffPost Parents

What’s the best
emergency cell
phone for kids?
Reader Q&A

Source: Coolmomtech.com

My House Is Messy -- and I Don't Care

Source: Huffpost Parents

Disney Ticket Prices Jump Again, Now $99 To Enter The Magic Kingdom
Source: Huffpost Parents



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parenting blogs
‘Girl With A Glue Gun’

5 money matters


Get Outside! With
This Adorable DIY:
‘The Confetti Kite’

Kites are a fond memory of my
youth. When I was little, we
would vacation in Myrtle beach
and dad always brought a kite.
We would spend lots of time on
the beach and when we weren't
swimming we were flying kites
in the ocean breeze. Now that
I’m a mom, it is my hope to
foster fond memories of his...

‘The FTM Chronicles’

5 money matters


Healing After Traumatic
Childbirth: 7 Keys to a
Better Birth Experience

41 weeks pregnant. Labor induction.
Contractions go from zero to sixty.
Unprepared for pain. Take morphine.
Dilation progresses slowly despite...


5 money matters


‘The K-Pop Invasion:
Courtesy of BTS’

When it comes to boy bands,
every generation has its own.
Remember The New Kids on
the Block, The Backstreet Boys,
or more recently One Direction?
Well, now we have K-Pop...

‘Guest blog’

5 money matters


Love Thy self: How to Protect, Maintain and Replenish the Skin
you are in

What is the largest organ in the
human body? If you answered skin,
you are correct. Skin is our largest
organ which covers 22 square feet
and weights approximately 8 pounds
for an average sized adult. The skin
is a part...


5 money matters


The Summer Situation

I’m pretty sure that this past winter
was the snowiest one I’ve ever
experienced. It kept piling up, week
after week. Then it stopped and then
it started again. “I can’t wait for sum-
mer! I thought and said repeatedly.
Warmth, sunshine, pool time,
beaches and time with my boys.
Yes, that’s what...


5 money matters


‘Meet The Parfait:
The Surprising Break-
fast ‘Do’ For Families
on the Go’

With a family of 6, making healthy/-
well balanced meals that satisfy
every palate remains the ongoing
challenge. Factor in a variety of
taste, moods, ages and stages to
the mix — and the stakes can seem...

‘A Son in College’

5 money matters


How to Complete a
Whole30 with Your
Sanity Intact

For 30 days, you will not eat dairy,
grains, legumes, vegetable oils,
added real or artificial sugar, pro-
cessed foods or consume alcohol.
I know what you are thinking . . .
So, what the heck can you eat??. . .

‘A Son in College’

5 money matters


My Family Likes The Food! And Other Surprising Facts About 'Whole30'

I developed eczema on my hands
over the winter. Itchy doesn’t begin
to explain the agony. It was WICKED.
I tried every natural topical concoc-
tion, but the rash continued to wor-
sen and rage. Some friends helped
me realize food was likely to blame,
and led me to Whole30.

‘The FTM Chronicles’

blogger FTM


19 Survival Tips
for the Last Month
of Pregnancy

I am 38 weeks pregnant
with Baby Dos as I write
this, and while I’m dealing
with the last few weeks
of pregnancy better this
time around, I still...


oatmeal cookies


Taking the Bike
Route: 5 Ways
to keep kids safe
on the road

Every year, about 300,000 kids
go to the emergency department
because of bike injuries, and at
least 10,000 kids have injuries
that require a few days in the
hospital. Some of these injuries
are so serious that children die,
usually from head injuries.

‘Girl With A Glue Gun’

sara candle


Growing Up Greyson:
A special DIY 12 Months
in the making

I’m creative by nature. So naturally
when I learned we were expecting,
I added a long list of DIY projects
to my to do list, one, being capturing
a photo of my son each month...

‘A Son in College’

oatmeal cookies


Classics books for
a new generation:
‘Little Miss’ dis-
covers a world
of reading

I’m always on the lookout for
great books for my family. We enjoy discovering new books
at the library and bookstore,
and it’s also great to read
classic stories.

‘The Curious Cook'

oatmeal cookies


The Ultimate
Chocolate Chip Cookie

My all-time favorite cookie:
oatmeal, with or without
raisins… And why add
chocolate to an already
delish cookie?...


Spring, sprung


Sprung for Spring: It’s not
just a kid’s thing

I’m not sure what part of the country you live in, but I’m in the Boston area. If you haven’t heard, we’ve experienced what some (including myself) are calling “snowmeggedon”

‘The FTM Chronicles'

veggie tales

A Veggie Tale: 11
Ways to Get Toddlers
to Eat Vegetables

This year marks the first full
year Baby Dude will be eating
only solid food. He’s a voracious
eater and enjoys a wide variety
of foods, but like most toddlers,
he’s not fond of veggies...

‘The FTM Chronicles'

7 things

7 Things to Do for
Yourself as a Mom

In today's society, it's considered
selfish to take care of yourself before
you've attended to everyone else. This
notion is especially true if you are a
mom. We're made to feel like horrible
mothers because we want to. . .




The Essential List:

kids books


The 2015
Essential List:
19 new must
reads for every
kid on your list

With the lazy days of
summer now in full swing,
there's no better moment to kick story time into full gear than now! From facing the elements in...


5 money mattersphotos by: Graham Cowan

18 year-old model
with Down Syndrome redefines the face
of fashion

Meet Madeline Stuart. The
fresh faced 18-year-old model
with Down syndrome is making
a difference and taking the
fashion world by storm...

Web Coolness!

5 money matters

See What This Mom
Did to Her Son’s
Hearing Aid.



5 money matters

Team USA Moms
Celebrate Winning the
Gold with Their kids

Amy Rodriguez, Shannon Boxx
and Christie Rampone all share
two things in common. For
starters they are members of
The US Women’s Soccer Team
but more importantly...

Web Coolness!

5 money matters

A new Instagram
feed merges Food &
Fashion like you’ve
never seen before.

Gretchen Roehrs a San Francisco
based fashion designer loves to
play with her food. In her bril-
liantly delectable Instagram feed,
she captures the glamour and
spirit of her city’s most stylish...


5 money matters


A Totally Awesome DIY:
How To Make Gummy LEGO Candy

As if it couldn’t get any better,
LEGO play has taken yet another
brilliant turn. Thanks to Grant
Thompson, (the genius behind
‘Kingdom Of Random’ a popular
You Tube Channel), and his step
by step recipe

Feature Interview:

5 money matters


NY Times Best Selling
author Sally Lloyd-
Jones talks "Bunny's
First Spring," Her
latest picture book.

Here she chats with J.C. Manigault
about finding inspiration in
unlikely spaces.

The Essential List:

5 money matters


Money matters:
The 5 Money
to have with your
kids at Every Age
and Stage.

Concerned about raising
entitled, materialistic and
financially dependent kids?
A new book by Scott and
Bethany Palmer (widely
known as the money...

Sponsored Post:

dental hygiene


kid’s dental
hygiene debunked:
Here's what you
need to know.

If you are a mom or dad,
cultivating a healthy self-
image, good nutritional
values and effective study
habits are certainly at the
top of your list of parental
do’s. And while healthy
habits are a must for
raising happy and well-
balanced kids, at times,...



What Kids really want
From Vacation?

In his latest video episode, ‘Kid President’ shares (like only he can) the dos and don’ts
of showing the kids an awesome good time
away from home. Are you thinking roller-
coasters? Or even room service? The
answers may just surprise you…



Are kids safer now than 30 years ago? The Free-Range
Movement: A Black woman’s perspective.

I’m a child of the 70s. A time  in our
culture shaped by autonomy and self
direction. A time when kids  dropped
in on their friends without being
scheduled for a “playdate,” or when...

most anticipated

“NAI Toy fair!”

Fe-Media goes to the North American
International Toy fair. Here are the big
trends of 2015.

Find Theater Showtimes

A Behind the scenes look at
“Child Genius”: A new Lifetime
competition series.

“Child Genius,” a new Lifetime series
based on a popular U.K. format,
explores the world of America's most
extraordinarily gifted children and
their families as they prepare for a
national intelligence competition.

parenting articles
Research Claims All Parents Have
a Favorite in the Child family

How Many Chores Are Too
Many Chores?

5 Ways Technology Could Be Your
Child's Best Teacher

College application time!

featured interviews
Behind The Scenes:
Candace Cameron Bure star of 'Truth
Be Told,' talks about her latest role.

Behind the Scenes:
Walden Media's Michael Flaherty
on the Making of the Dawn Treader

Behind The Scenes:
'The Voyage of The Dawn Treader's'
Cast interviews

‘Born to be Wild 3D’ exclusive interview!
Dr. Birute M. Galdikas and
Dr. Dame Daphne M. Sheldrick
talk about their extraordinary journey.

6 Questions with novelist
Nicholas Sparks

"The Watsons Go to Birmingham": A
new Family Film Bridges The Gap for
Brand New Audiences.

Meet Jenny Buccos: The
Accidental Explorer

Behind the scenes:
A Chat with Walmart's Ben Simon

Behind the scenes:
Surfer prodigy Bethany Hamilton chats
about bringing her incredible True Story
To The Big Screen!

film reviews
Peabody & Sherman: A certified Hit!
See what the fuss is all about

'Son of God': A good bet for kids?
Read the review

Divergent: The next blockbuster hit?
See what the critics are saying

Muppets Most Wanted

The Wind Rises


Fe Media Movie Reviews

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ A Box office hit-or-miss? Read our latest review.


Why You Should See Color: It
could make all the difference

I have a real distaste for talking about race. Not because I don’t think it’s
relevant, but more because I’m one
of those human-to-human kind of
people who would rather not live
based upon superficial assumptions.
I have to wait and see for myself.


Beyond Fast Food!

We have found 13 nutritious and super-delicious meals your kids
will love!

Getting kids to eat a healthy meal is
often a parents greatest challenge.
But these out-of- this-world kid-friendly
recipes should add some inspiration...

‘A Son in College’

The Meal Time
Resolution: Solved.

I always feel melancholy at the
end of the Christmas season. I
mean, does anyone actually enjoy
un-decorating their house? It’s
depressing. Still, I manage to
look to January with optimism
and excitement...

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