A fitness tracker for kids? Who Knew!

'Normal Barbie'
Campaign Could
Bring Gorgeous,
Realistic Dolls To
A Kid Near You

Here's What Happens
When Jon Hamm
and Jimmy Fallon
Photobomb Tourists

Boy Pays For Students' School
Lunches— 8-Year-Old
Pays Off 150 Overdue
Lunch Accounts

New SAT Test
Format—The Five
SAT Changes You
Need to Know Now

What Parenting Really Looks Like — No Words Required
Source: Baby Center

The Baby-Inspired Workout You
Must Try

Source: Baby Center

Idina Menzel, Jimmy
Fallon And The
Roots Sing 'Let It
Go' With Classroom Instruments (VIDEO)

Source: HuffPost Parents

See How a Family
of 11 Lives in 1,100
Square Feet

Source: Baby Center

Here's What Dr.
Seuss Can Teach
Every Adult
About Life

Source: HuffPost Parents

What’s the best
emergency cell
phone for kids?
Reader Q&A


My House Is Messy -- and I Don't Care

Source: Huffpost Parents

Disney Ticket Prices Jump Again, Now $99 To Enter The Magic Kingdom
Source: Huffpost Parents





Avoid the Sugar
Rush: Perfect
Halloween Treats
Without the Tricks

Who says that binging on
candy is the only way to an
awesome Halloween? Well,
If like me you have decided
to stop the endless sugar
rush but not the fun...

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kid’s dental hygiene
debunked: Here's
what you need
to know.

If you are a mom or dad,
cultivating a healthy self-
image, good nutritional
values and effective study
habits are certainly at the
top of your list of parental
do’s. And while healthy
habits are a must for
raising happy and well-
balanced kids, at times,...

Pins We Love!


5 reasons to
bring pumpkins
to the table.

Hailed for helping to
prevent premature aging,
cardio-vascular disease
and its many antioxidant
properties the great Ol’
Pumpkin is the often

Must Haves:


10 of The Coolest
back to school
supplies (ever!)

For kids, back to school
creates a great chance to
exhibit individual style
(Yes! Even for the uniform
wearer). To help you spark
their love of learning (while
adding just a little pizzazz),
we’ve found 10 of the...

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The Power
of an Echo: Experiencing
from a Movie-
goer’s Seat

by Andrea Davis Pinkney

As the closing credits
for the film THE GIVER
come onto the screen,
One Republic's sound-
track title song,
“Ordinary Human”
issues its refrain:
“Today I felt a switch
in my vein.”

The Essential List:


25 of the Best
and most read
kid Books: For
Every Stage
and Every Age

Books are magical.
Between their pages
we find far away
destinations, great
inventions and true
stories of bravery and
strength. Of course
reading at every stage
could mean many
things depending
on your child’s...

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My little boy is
all grown-up:
S. Gill reads the
subtle and not so
subtle messages

by S. Gill

“Spin me around faster;
let me get on your back,
pick me up!” Those were
some of his Xavierisms,
until he turned 8. These
days it’s more like, “Did
you get a lipstick mark
on my cheek?”...

‘A Son in College’


The Kid-Friendly
Kitchen (or The

When Bubba was a little
guy, I rarely involved him
in making meals. I fretted
over hot stoves, boiling
water and sharp instru-
ments. I even worried about
messes. It was quicker and
easier to do it myself, and
I didn’t take the time to
discover safe ways to teach
him to help.




Why You Should
See Color: It
could make all
the difference

I have a real distaste for
talking about race. Not
because I don’t think it’s
relevant, but more because
I’m one of those human-
to-human kind of people
who would rather not live
based upon superficial assumptions. I have to
wait and see for myself.


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A High School
teacher’s Guide
to Fierce and
Fabulous: Teen
Girl Edition

With a little over a month
of school under your belt, you’re probably into a pretty
good groove. You’ve finally
memorized you’re schedule
(here’s hoping), and you’ve
designed the best route to
get to class on time (and to
pass your crush in the hall
at least twice!)...


‘The FTM Chronicles'

Baby Dude’s Banana and Strawberry Smash Cake

It’s hard to believe Baby Dude is
now a year old! We recently hosted
his first birthday party, and I’ll
treasure the day forever. We held
the celebration ou-tdoors and the festivities were pretty traditional,
right down to the smash cake.




‘The FTM Chronicles'

17 Signs You’re the
Mama of an Infant

Yep, I’m a sucker for a listicle. Now,
that being said, I recently came
across this little gem from Meredith
Franco Meyers, “You Might Be a
Mommy or a Daddy If….” So I decided
as Baby Dude approaches the end of
his infancy (although he’ll always
be my baby!), to...



‘The Curious Cook’

This Chef Can 86 Hunger!

Celebrity Chef Maxcel Hardy
talks nutrition, a new cookbook
and bringing the culinary arts to
inner city schools.

“When I was in high school I saw
a lot of students come to school malnourished. It’s right in our back-
yard. I find it amazing that we live in the
richest country and this is happening.
'One Chef Can 86 Hunger' aims to
raise funds to get into the inner cities
and let people know what we can do."





“23 BLAST”

In Theaters October 24th, 2014

23 Blast is based on the amazingly true story
of Travis Freeman. A typical teenager growing
up in a small town in Kentucky, Travis is a local
hero on and off the field. In the fall of 1997, in
the prime of his youth, he is unexpectedly
stricken with an infection that destroys his
optic nerve. He becomes blind overnight.
Under the influence of parents who love him,
a physical therapist who challenges him, a
coach who inspires him, and a best friend
who he cannot bear to leave him behind, Travis
shows us what true bravery is by competing
on the gridiron and helping his team advance
to the State playoffs.


You’ve got to see this!

NEW YORK — The 2014
American International Toy Fair this
week ushered in a collection of the
hottest toys due out this year — from
a Siri-like teddy bear and an augmented
reality bedtime story to a board game
that teaches coding to pre-schoolers —
but scattered within the shiny and
new is the bizarre and wacky.
Source: Mashable


Beyond Fast Food!

We have found 13 nutritious and super-delicious meals your kids
will love!

Getting kids to eat a healthy meal is
often a parents greatest challenge.
But these out-of- this-world kid-friendly
recipes should add some inspiration...

Research Claims All Parents Have
a Favorite in the Child family

How Many Chores Are Too
Many Chores?

5 Ways Technology Could Be Your
Child's Best Teacher

College application time!

Behind The Scenes:
Candace Cameron Bure star of 'Truth
Be Told,' talks about her latest role.

Behind the Scenes:
Walden Media's Michael Flaherty
on the Making of the Dawn Treader

Behind The Scenes:
'The Voyage of The Dawn Treader's'
Cast interviews

‘Born to be Wild 3D’ exclusive interview!
Dr. Birute M. Galdikas and
Dr. Dame Daphne M. Sheldrick
talk about their extraordinary journey.

6 Questions with novelist
Nicholas Sparks

"The Watsons Go to Birmingham": A
new Family Film Bridges The Gap for
Brand New Audiences.

Meet Jenny Buccos: The
Accidental Explorer

Behind the scenes:
A Chat with Walmart's Ben Simon

Behind the scenes:
Surfer prodigy Bethany Hamilton chats
about bringing her incredible True Story
To The Big Screen!

Peabody & Sherman: A certified Hit!
See what the fuss is all about

'Son of God': A good bet for kids?
Read the review

Divergent: The next blockbuster hit?
See what the critics are saying

Muppets Most Wanted

The Wind Rises


15 of the best backpacks for back to school

For your little one to the more sophisti-cated grade schooler - we have found
15 back to school backpacks sure to fit every interest and style.

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